About Us

Together with the Business community our goal is to:

  • Raise awareness and build understanding on human trafficking in global supply chains;
  • Provide a platform for peer exchange, to share knowledge, present and improve best practices and existing strategies for countering human trafficking in supply chains, and to develop new initiatives to implement going forward;
  • Publishing industry-specific case studies for use by a wide audience;
  • Provide stakeholders and decision makers (mainly from the private sector) with the tools they need to identify, map, and combat human trafficking in business supply chains;
  • Generate momentum amongst the business community to share knowledge between them in the pursuit of improved prevention and mitigation of this issue.
  • Engaging businesses and providing them with training tools.
  • Creating a forum for the business community to share its experience.
  • Linking businesses with the UN, NGOs and the youth to combat human trafficking.
  • Raise awareness of the general public of the impact they can have on the issues of human trafficking in the private sector in their role as consumers.

Introducing the RESPECT Initiative