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Image: Ayers Rock/Uluru in central Australian desert, Northern Territory. 1992., by John Coppi, CSIRO, posted on CSIRO, licensed under CC BY 3.0

Anti-Trafficking Review Special Issue: Traffickers
19 April 2022

Despite increased awareness and massive investments in combating human trafficking, there is still limited knowledge about traffickers – who they are, why they engage in trafficking, and how they operate. This Special Issue of Anti-Trafficking Review is a step towards filling this...

Moving from paper to practice: ASX200 reporting under Australia’s Modern Slavery Act
01 July 2021

The research finds that most companies complied with the minimum requirements of modern slavery reporting, with clear groups of leaders and laggards within the ASX200. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given this is the first year of reporting, the majority of statements appearing...

Freedom of movement for persons identified as victims of human trafficking: An analysis of law, policy and practice in the ASEAN Region
01 April 2021

Author: Marika McAdam Sheltering victims of trafficking require a complex balance to be achieved between the rights of victims (including to freedom of movement and liberty), and the sometimes competing interests of other stakeholders. This Study offers insights into the...

Murky Waters – A qualitative Assessment of Modern Slavery in the Pacific Region
09 March 2020

While previous qualitative research has exposed select forms of modern slavery in the Pacific, this report provides a comprehensive assessment of modern slavery in the region. The report draws on existing peer-reviewed and grey literature, Walk Free’s 2019 assessment of...

Seabound: The Journey to Modern Slavery on the High Seas
09 December 2019

For several years now, international media has shone a spotlight on the inhumane working conditions of migrant fishers from Southeast Asia. The vessels they work on reportedly use destructive, illegal, and unreported methods, which take a heavy toll on the...

Modern Slavery in Pacific Supply Chains of Canned Tuna
01 June 2019

Between November 2018 and January 2019, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited 35 canned tuna companies and supermarkets – representing 80 of the world’s largest retail canned tuna brands – to answer a survey on their approach to human rights challenges,...

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