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The financial sector plays a crucial role in combating human trafficking. Not only through their ability of detecting illicit money flows but also by ensuring greater awareness of the services they commission and the businesses they finance.

Are you Complying with the EU Sustainability-related Disclosures Regulation?
01 July 2020

The legal landscape for financial market participants (FMPs) regarding sustainability and human rights has drastically changed and more regulation is on its way, both at the EU and AT national levels. This briefing paper is meant to give a short...

Financial Institutions Sharing Data Related to Human Trafficking
25 June 2020

Sharing of information between financial institutions related to potential money laundering and human trafficking activities is essential in the fight against modern slavery. However, the laws covering personal data privacy, anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism and banking regulation are often seen as...

Finance & human rights: regulatory overview
28 May 2020

This short paper is intended as a general overview of the development of different legislations and frameworks that apply in the area of finance and human rights, underlining key aspects. It comprises EU regulation (in force and upcoming), national regulations...

Investor Toolkit On Human Rights
COVID-19 resourcesPublications
27 May 2020

Among countless severe consequences, the current international COVID-19 emergency has created a global financial crisis of a scale rarely encountered in modern history. Systemic economic and social inequalities across societies are being laid bare and exacerbated, and the precarious foundation...

Point of No Returns Part II – Human Rights: An assessment of asset managers’ approaches to human and labour rights
01 May 2020

The number of modern slavery victims in global supply chains today is believed to stand at around 16 million, roughly the same number of enslaved people as during the transatlantic slave trade in the 18th century. While this statistic alone...

No Worker Left Behind: Protecting Vulnerable Workers from Exploitation During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic
COVID-19 resourcesPublications
01 April 2020

This briefing builds on the understanding that labour exploitation is part of a spectrum ranging from labour compliance through to labour law violations, culminating at extreme exploitation in the form of forced labour. Research by FLEX and others shows that...

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