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Middle East

Regional Overview – Sexual Exploitation of Children Middle East and North Africa
01 December 2020

This Regional Overview on the sexual exploitation of children (SEC) in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), consolidates the relevant existing data to map the context, risk factors, region-specific issues, responses and gaps in the fight against the issue....

The new slavery: Kenyan workers in the Middle East
30 June 2020

Written by Mohamed Daghar. In September 2014 Kenya banned the exportation of labour to the Middle East because workers were being trafficked by criminal networks offering them jobs. This policy brief focuses on the criminals who continue to drive this...

Meneshachin scoping study: A global synthesis and analysis of responsible recruitment initiatives targeting low-wage, migrant workers
31 May 2020

This review was conducted as a “scoping study” of two distinct areas of recruitment policy and programming: (1) current government policies and initiatives to improve recruitment standards for low-wage migrant workers; and (2) current non-governmental models, focusing on initiatives that...

Covid-19: Garment Worker Perspectives
COVID-19 resourcesPublications
01 May 2020

The coronavirus pandemic and resulting government actions to stem the spread of the virus have severely changed the way people across the world work and live. For Jordan’s garment sector, the national curfew and shutdown of business activity forced factories...

The Other Migrant Crisis – Protecting Migrant Workers against Exploitation in the Middle East and North Africa
09 March 2020

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region continues to host groups highly vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation. Migrant workers, particularly domestic workers, are known to be among those who are most at risk. While the region is confronted by...

Lived Experience of Migrant Women: Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait
03 November 2019

In one-to-one interviews and focus groups, female migrant workers in Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain recounted their experiences with violence in the workplace and how they navigated formal and informal grievance mechanisms. Through their insights, we aim to provide a better...

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