Due Diligence

Establishing National Focal Points to Protect Child Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings
04 February 2021

The publication describes the roles and responsibilities for national focal points for child victims of trafficking in response to the MC Decision 6/18 on Strengthening Efforts to Prevent and Combat Child Trafficking, including of Unaccompanied Minors. It provides an overview...

Promoting Responsible Recovery: Detecting, Mitigating, and Remediating Modern Slavery
16 December 2020

This briefing forms part of a broader five session series ofwebinars standing to tackle contemporary issues impactingmodern slavery in supply chains, calling for candid discussionand pragmatic solutions.

Survivor Bank Accounts Report
15 December 2020

Survivor Bank Accounts, designed specifically to be set up without proof of identification or an address, are a positive form of recognition and empowerment for survivors. They provide financial independence and demonstrate the importance of providing secure banking to those...

Trafficking Victim Protection Frameworks in Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Thailand, and Viet Nam: A Resource for Practitioners
01 December 2020

This publication provides an overview of the legal and policy framework in place for the protection of trafficking victims in five countries in Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Thailand, and Viet Nam), outlining the various instruments, procedures and materials...

Risks and Considerations for Businesses with Supply Chain Exposure to Entities Engaged in Forced Labor and other Human Rights Abuses in Xinjiang
01 July 2020

Businesses with potential exposure in their supply chain to the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (Xinjiang) or to facilities outside Xinjiang that use labor or goods from Xinjiang should be aware of the reputational, economic, and legal risks of involvement with...

Unfinished Work In The Fight Against Forced Labor In Uzbekistan’s 2019 Cotton Harvest
23 June 2020

Uzbek Forum has conducted independent, community-based monitoring and reporting on the cotton harvest since 2009. In previous reports, Uzbek Forum endeavored to expose forced labor, identify its root causes, and show the scale, impact on institutions, and effects on people...

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