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According to Anti-slavery International 11.7 million people are in slavery in the Asia-Pacific region, most of them are exposed to debt bondage. The ILO estimates that at least three in every 1000 people in Asia-Pacific are trapped in modern slavery. Domestic work, agriculture, construction, manufacturing and entertainment are among the sectors where forced labour is most often found in the Asia-Pacific region.

Migrant Workers Policy and Vulnerability to Labour Trafficking in Malaysia: Lessons and Gaps from Existing Literature
01 January 2023

Since 2018, with the first change of the federal government after 60 years of independence, Malaysia has seen notable policy shifts in labour policy. These include amendments of employment and social protection regulations, as well as the strengthening of national...

Combatting the Trafficking of Vietnamese Nationals to Britain: Cooperative Challenges for Vietnam and the UK
26 December 2022

The issue of Vietnamese nationals consistently having some of the highest numbers of referrals into the UK’s National Referral Mechanism (NRM) is increasingly apparent. However, this did not gather nationwide attention until the Essex tragedy of October 2019 which saw...

The Best Interest of the Child in the Philippines: Lessons from Supreme Court Decisions and Their Potential Application in Online Sexual Exploitation of Children Cases
01 December 2022

In the Philippines, upholding the best interest of the child is a legal obligation which follows from national and international laws. Examining Supreme Court decisions on the best interest of the child shows that it is primarily applied in custody-related...

First National Study on Trafficking in Persons in Bangladesh
News & AnalysisPublications
15 November 2022

Bangladeshi victims of trafficking in persons are identified in many countries across the world, as well as in Bangladesh itself. The country’s geographic location contributes to it not only being a significant origin country of victims regionally, but also a...

Trapped: The Belt and Road Initiative’s Chinese Workers
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01 November 2022

The Belt Road Initiative (BRI), China’s ambitious transnational development program, is set to redefine globalization with “Chinese characteristics.” Since its inception, thousands of transportation, energy, information technology, and mining projects have been initiated around the globe. According to the American...

Building Communities of Resistance: Reflections from Grassroots Organisations Around the World
News & AnalysisPublications
17 October 2022

This report is the result of a collective effort to pause, look inwards, and reflect on the process of transformative change. It collates a series of insights, challenges, and lessons learnt by and with ten grassroots organisations from Latin America,...

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