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P/s: Should you have any questions regarding our webinars, please kindly see below for the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Thank you!

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately I was not/ will not be able to attend the webinar titled XYZ, is there a way I can see a recording of this webinar?
Many thanks for your interest in our webinars. All the webinars will be recorded so please stay tuned to the RESPECT website, especially the respective webinar pages for the uploading of the webinars’ recordings afterwards. However, we would strongly encourage you to attend the webinars live as you will have the opportunity to directly raise questions and exchange ideas with the panelists and other participants.

Will there be notes or a report from the webinars?
We have published a report on the Webinar Series 2015, “Understanding Illicit Trade: Impact of Human Trafficking and Smuggling on the Private Sector” (please click here for the report), and are planning a forthcoming one for the Webinar Series 2016 “The Private Sector Countering Human Trafficking”. Therefore, please stay tuned to our website and/or subscribe to our mailing list below to receive the RESPECT newsletters regarding our publications and reports, including analyses from the webinar series’.