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Human trafficking and labour exploitation in this industry can occur in any region that contributes to this industry. Unfair recruitment may be the start of a chain of exploitation, where the workers are exposed to debt bondage and other forms of exploitation. More research on the issue in this industry is much-needed.

No Worker Left Behind: Protecting Vulnerable Workers from Exploitation During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic
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01 April 2020

This briefing builds on the understanding that labour exploitation is part of a spectrum ranging from labour compliance through to labour law violations, culminating at extreme exploitation in the form of forced labour. Research by FLEX and others shows that...

Investor Snapshot: Forced Labour in the Foresting Industry
12 November 2019

It is estimated that 13 million workers are employed in the formal forestry sector while another 41 million workers are employed in the informal forestry sector. Much of this work takes place in remote areas where there is a lack...

Strengthening Protection Against Trafficking in Persons in Federal and Corporate Supply Chains
01 January 2015

Verité has collected comprehensive data about global industries with a significant history or current evidence of human trafficking or trafficking-related activity, and has analysed the over-lap between global supply chains deemed to be at risk for human trafficking and patterns...

Green Carbon Black Trade
27 September 2012

The vast majority of deforestation and illegal logging takes place in the tropical forests of the Amazon basin, Central Africa and Southeast Asia. Recent studies into the extent of illegal log- ging estimate that illegal logging accounts for 50–90 per...

The cost of environmental crime: Illegal Logging
01 December 2016

By Brian Huerbsch Illegal logging poses real and significant regulatory risk for international financial institutions and corporations, especially those connected, either directly or indirectly, with the global timber industry, or that operate in areas where the industry is prevalent and...

The great palm oil scandal: Labour abuses behind big brand names
30 November 2016

This report investigates labour exploitation on plantations in Indonesia that provide palm oil to Wilmar, which is the world’s largest processor and merchandiser of palm and lauric (palm kernel) oils and controls over 43% of the global palm oil trade....

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