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According to the Financial Post garment manufacturing has become the world’s third-biggest industrial industry and one of the most labour intensive industries, directly employing at least 60 million people (ILO 2015). Human rights violations in the garment industry include forced and child labour, repression and discrimination, and unsafe, dirty and unfair working conditions. Employees may face might face excessive hours, forced overtime, lack of job security, denial of trade union rights, poor health, exhaustion, and denial of other basic human rights when on the job. In addition, the legal minimum wage in most garment producing countries is rarely enough for a worker to live on.

Image: Sweatshop project by marissaorton, posted on flickr, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Worked to Debt: Over Indebtedness In Cambodia’s Garment Sector
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01 June 2020

Tens of thousands of garment workers in Cambodia will struggle to repay microfinance debts during work stoppages and factory suspensions caused by COVID-19, creating a mounting human rights crisis as they struggle to feed their families and hold onto their...

The Emperor has no clothes: Garment Supply Chains in the Time of Pandemic
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01 May 2020

Asia Floor Wage Alliance (AFWA), an Asian labour-led global labour and social alliance, has been monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on workers in garment-producing countries through ground reports from AFWA partners and allies in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar,...

Covid-19: Garment Worker Perspectives
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01 May 2020

The coronavirus pandemic and resulting government actions to stem the spread of the virus have severely changed the way people across the world work and live. For Jordan’s garment sector, the national curfew and shutdown of business activity forced factories...

Garment supply chains in intensive care? Human rights due diligence in times of (economic) crises
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01 April 2020

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) affects almost every area of people’s lives and economic activity and has led to a significant disruption of world trade. The current situation demonstrates how precarious our global systems of production and consumption are. In response...

Abandoned? The Impact of Covid-19 on Workers and Businesses at the Bottom of Global Garment Supply Chains
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27 March 2020

The global Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on global garment supply chains, and the situation will get far worse before it gets better. As clothing outlets have been shut by lockdowns in developed market economies, sinking demand for...

‘Made in Japan’ and the cost to migrant workers
29 January 2020

Report on migrant garment workers in Japan’s state-supported Technical Internship Training Program (TITP) are subjected to widespread labour violations including poverty pay, debt bondage, enforced overtime, and inadequate and crowded living and working conditions, and fears grow for their safety...

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