Despite increased awareness and massive investments in combating human trafficking, there is still limited knowledge about traffickers – who they are, why they engage in trafficking, and how they operate.

This Special Issue of Anti-Trafficking Review is a step towards filling this knowledge gap. Contributions from Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Greece, Italy, the Caribbean, and the United States examine the characteristics, motivations, and modus operandi of traffickers, their relationships with victims, and their treatment in the criminal justice system. Importantly, they point to measures that can prevent people from offending and ensure that justice is served for both victims and perpetrators.

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North Macedonia Shadow Report
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This Shadow report is produced under the framework of the operating grant: Listen the voice of trafficked persons and fight organize crime. The purpose of this grant is to support participatory democracy as part of North Macedonia`s European integra...Read More

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Labour on a Shoestring: The Realities of Working in Europe’s Shoe Manufacturing Peripheries in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Poland, Romania and Slovakia

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Disposable Workers the Future of the UK’s Migrant Workforce

Government plans for two temporary migration programmes to bring workers to the UK after Brexit present significant risks of labour abuse and exploitation, including human trafficking. This briefing describes the two proposed programmes, explains th...Read More

Out of the Shadows: Index 2022

The drive to prevent and respond to child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA) is widespread and there have been efforts to highlight CSEA’s global threat, to clear the path for victim-survivors to speak-up and to build the capacity of those worki...Read More

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