When moving towards mitigating or ultimately preventing trafficking in human beings and labour exploitation (THB/LE) in supply chains, a wider perspective is needed, one that includes human rights and decent working conditions. THB/LE is the extreme end of the spectrum of labour exploitation. In practice it is often difficult to differentiate clearly whether a severe case has passed the legal threshold, or despite being below that threshold can nevertheless be seen as exploitation. Ex- ploitation might include infringing a worker’s legal or contractual rights, or working conditions that are poor or unacceptable, such as unpaid overtime, recruitment fees, or hazardous work conditions without adequate personal protective equipment. If poor treatment of workers and poor working conditions remain unchallenged, they become normalized and create an environment that enables more severe exploitation.

Combating trafficking in human beings and labour exploitation in supply chains: Guidance for OSCE Procurement - OSCE, 2021 DOWNLOAD














Member States Responses to Prevent and Combat Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

The digital environment is an integral part of today’s society. While we must recognise and celebrate the ways in which it facilitates and strengthens access to rights for children, we cannot ignore the increased risks to the child’s right to pr...Read More

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“Give Us a Baby and We’ll Let You Go”: Trafficking of Kachin “Brides” from Myanmar to China

The armed conflict in Kachin and northern Shan States has largely escaped international attention, despite 2018 findings by the United Nations that the Myanmar military has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity there. The atrocities again...Read More

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One Day at a Time: A Report on the Recovery Needs Assessment by Those Experiencing It On A Daily Basis

This report is the first independent review of the Recovery Needs Assessment, the mechanism through which, since 2019, survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking in England and Wales have their support needs assessed and provided for. Th...Read More

Commercial Gestational Surrogacy: Unravelling the threads between reproductive tourism and child trafficking

Narratives of commercial gestational surrogacy (CGS) as ‘baby-selling’ often conflate or interchange the transfer of children born via surrogacy with trafficking in children or the sale of children, two sometimes overlapping but nonetheless dist...Read More

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