To reduce the risk to workers displaced due to the war in Ukraine, ETI established a working group with its members shortly after the Russian invasion, in early Spring 2022.

The aim of the working group has been to facilitate knowledge and intelligence sharing, identify good practice and develop practical guidelines. To ensure maximum coordination and collaboration, the working group has also been open to interested non-members working on this issue. Working group participants have collected and shared information received from suppliers and other stakeholders inside Ukraine and in neighbouring countries on the evolving situation and risks to displaced workers. ETI has also collated information on potential supply chain overlaps across 800 suppliers working with participating companies in seven countries (Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Moldova, Italy and Germany). By mapping conflict-affected supply chains, ETI working group members have able to facilitate coordinated and consistent supplier advice and communication.

Guidelines for Employment and Integration of People Displaced from Ukraine - Ethical Trading Initiative, 2022 DOWNLOAD
Guida per l'impiego e l'integrazione delle persone sfollate dall'Ucraina - Ethical Trading Initiative, 2022 DOWNLOAD
Wytyczne dotyczące zatrudnienia i integracji osób przesiedlonych z Ukrainy - Ethical Trading Initiative, 2022 DOWNLOAD
Ghid pentru angajarea și integrarea persoanelor strămutate din Ucraina - Ethical Trading Initiative, 2022 DOWNLOAD
Рекомендації щодо працевлаштування й інтеграції переселенців з України - Ethical Trading Initiative, 2022 DOWNLOAD














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