Human trafficking victims who are exploited in the commercial sex industry try are highly likely to be arrested for offenses catalyzed by their victimization. The resulting criminal records shadow survivors out of trafficking and serve as barriers to achieving sustainable independence. Over the last ten years, many states have enacted some form of criminal record relief for trafficking survivors. However, it is incredibly difficult for survivors to claim their legal right to relief without legal representation. Securing legal services can be a time-consuming, trauma-inducing, and sometimes impossible endeavor. This report analyzes the accessibility of various forms of legal services for survivors of trafficking. The Avery Center’s research team contacted 550 organizations that self-advertised as providing legal services for survivors and clarified the type of legal support available (and for whom). The resulting data showcases the dramatic gap of providers able to assist survivors. Although the law has adjusted to better support survivors, the benefit of the law is inaccessible for most survivors. Without adequate legal representation, trafficking survivors are left living with the reality of human rights deprivation. The result is – a legal

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Online Sexual Exploitation of Children in the Philippines: Analysis and Recommendations for Governments, Industry, and Civil Society

This report presents the results of a study into the nature and scale of OSEC in the Philippines. This study was led by IJM, in partnership with the Philippine Government and a variety of stakeholders, under the U.S.-Philippine Child Protection Comp...Read More

ILO indicators of forced labour

This booklet presents an introduction to the ILO Indicators of Forced Labour. These indicators are intended to help “front-line” criminal law enforcement officials, labour inspectors, trade union officers, NGO workers and others to identify pers...Read More

Special Issue – Anti-Trafficking Education

The past decade has seen a dramatic increase in the sites for anti-trafficking education and the range of educators who shape how the public and institutions understand and respond to human trafficking. The aim of this Special Issue of Anti-Traff...Read More

The Emerging Cobalt Challenge

The next few years will see worldwide consumption of cobalt rise significantly as nascent demand from the electric vehicle market comes on line. For both electric vehicle and tech manufacturers, cobalt forms an essential ingredient of the ubiquitou...Read More

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