Modern slavery is a global phenomenon, with 40.3 million victims and $354 billion at-risk products imported by G20 countries in one year alone, according to estimates by the Walk Free Foundation (2018). Australia has historically been complicit in this problem – both as an importer of suspect products and components, and as a host of modern slavery practices. According to the Australian Border Force, 1567 victims of modern slavery were reported in Australia from 2015 to 2017. In 2018, amid increasing public concern about the prevalence of modern slavery, the Australian Parliament passed a new law – the Modern Slavery Act – requiring large Australian companies to identify and report on risks of modern slavery practices in their operations and supply chains. This report by researchers at the Monash Centre for Financial Studies (MCFS) evaluates the disclosure quality of modern slavery statements submitted by the largest companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX300) for FY2020 under the requirements of the Act. The report expands upon a related research project conducted in 2021 by MCFS, which was confined to ASX100 companies.

Measuring Disclosure Quality of Modern Slavery Statements: A SX300 Companies, Monash University, December 2021 DOWNLOAD














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