On 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine sending shockwaves around the world and creating a humanitarian crisis. According to UN estimates, by 25 April, more than 5.2 million people had fled the country.

This guide provides practical guidance to UK businesses to help in ensuring that workers affected by this conflict are protected from harm, supported in extremely difficult circumstances and have a positive recruitment and employment experience.

It is for use by employers, labour providers and recruiters in the UK and is particularly relevant for essential sectors employing large numbers of migrant workers such as food, agriculture, construction and care. Much of the guidance is transferable to recruitment into other countries.

At the time of writing, war continues in Ukraine creating fear and anxiety, especially for those who have family and friends in Ukraine, as well as practical difficulties for workers from Ukraine who live and work in the UK or are seeking to do so.

Practical guide for supporting workers affected by the war in Ukraine - Stronger Together, May 2022 DOWNLOAD














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