Bilateral and multilateral development finance institutions (DFIs) are critical actors in development and, through financing, technical assistance and their normative roles, make important contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals and human rights. Most DFIs are explicitly mandated to support sustainable development, poverty reduction and avoid harming people and the environment. Clients are primarily responsible for project implementation, including remedying adverse environmental and social impacts. However, DFIs have a range of mechanisms, including environmental and social safeguard policies and independent accountability mechanisms (IAMs), to promote sustainable impacts, improve feedback loops, address grievances and avoid social and environmental harms. Many DFIs provide technical assistance and capacity-building to clients in these areas.

Remedy in Development Finance: Guidance and Practice - United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner, 2022 DOWNLOAD














A Guide for Integrating Human Rights into Business Management

The publication is based on the accumulated experience of the ten companies in the BLIHR on implementing human rights. This experience is supplemented with practical examples of human rights implementation. In detail as a joint product of the Bu...Read More

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Combating Forced and Child Labor of Refugees in Global Supply Chains: The Role of Responsible Sourcing

With the global refugee crisis showing no signs of abating, multinational companies need to consider how their supply chain interacts with refugees, who are often more vulnerable to forced labor when they seek out work in a new country. Combating F...Read More

Adidas Guidelines on Employment Standards

To explain how it expects its suppliers to live up to its Standards, Adidas has produced a number of supporting guidelines that detail its expectations for fair, healthy, safe workplace conditions and environmentally sound factory operations. T...Read More

“Give Us a Baby and We’ll Let You Go”: Trafficking of Kachin “Brides” from Myanmar to China

The armed conflict in Kachin and northern Shan States has largely escaped international attention, despite 2018 findings by the United Nations that the Myanmar military has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity there. The atrocities again...Read More

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