A survey of research about UK modern slavery and by UK-based researchers.

Evidence-based response is key to ending slavery, and research plays an important role in informing the policies and practices that underpin this anti-slavery effort.

This website and the accompanying report, therefore, survey the UK’s modern slavery research landscape. They seek to understand the evidence base, and identify strengths and gaps in current research understanding.

How to use the website

First, select click on one of the bars to filter the kind of data or research you are interested in: you can filter according to the type of slavery, type of intervention, geographical area, and topic.

Once you have used the bars to narrow down what you’re looking for, you’ll be provided with a selection of papers related to that area of interest. Some of them will include a direct link to read the source online. You can then scroll through to see whether any of the resources fit in with what you were looking for. For instance, if you select the filters of human trafficking (type of slavery bars) and domestic policy (type of intervention bars), 9 results will show up, 5 of which include a direct link to the resource.

You can access the Researching Modern Slavery in the UK website here.














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