The discovery of the camps and graves at Wang Kelian, Perlis, garnered the attention of many and stunned the nation. These camps and graves on the border of Malaysia and Thailand gave rise to an outcry that resulted in the competency of the enforcement agencies specifically and the Government in general to be questioned.

The governments of Malaysia and Thailand conducted investigations and took action against those responsible. However, the involvement of Malaysians in this incident led to many questions. Since the discovery garnered attention in May 2015, it continued to become the topic of discussions in the media, both within the country and abroad, prompting the government to establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry on the Discovery of Transit Camps and Graves at Wang Kelian, Perlis, on 26th October 2018.

Royal Commission of Inquiry Report on the Discovery of Transit Camps and Graves at Wang Kelian, Perlis - Royal Commission of Inquiry, 2019 DOWNLOAD














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