Since trafficking in human beings continues to evolve, with criminals employing ever more sophisticated, a multi-disciplinary approach to combat trafficking is not only recommended but necessary. In recent years, several reports have emerged alluding to the nexus between terrorism and trafficking in human beings, including within the OSCE region. To better understand the intersection between these two distinct and complex crimes, this paper critically reviews normative and policy frameworks governing action against human trafficking and terrorism. It also examines exploitative activities of terrorist groups through a human trafficking lens, including illustrative examples that contain indications of trafficking elements, whereby it explores how anti-trafficking mechanisms can be leveraged when dealing with terrorism to identify and pro- tect trafficking victims and prosecute perpetrators. Finally, it provides insights into various ways to prevent trafficking of vulnerable adults and children targeted by terrorist groups for various exploitative purposes. The paper offers a structured analysis presented in three chapters and concludes with targeted recommendations.

Trafficking in Human Beings and Terrorism: Where and How They Intersect - Office of the Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, 2021 DOWNLOAD














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