First released in November 2017, the Issara Worker Voice-Driven Ethical Recruitment Toolkit has been expanded and updated through the years to meet the needs of suppliers and recruitment agencies in South and Southeast Asia. This new October 2022 version includes a number of exciting new tools that have been deployed in the Asia region throughout the course of 2022, helping suppliers and recruiters meet the challenges of post-COVID cross-border labour recruitment into and within the ASEAN region.

Tools include:

1. Preparing Comprehensive Job Advertisements for the Recruitment of Foreign Workers

2. Selection Criteria & Vetting Process for Recruitment Agencies: A Tool for Employers (Suppliers)

3. Checklist: Ethical Management Services Agreement (MSA) between Employers & Recruiters

4. Diagnostic of Current Labour Recruitment Practices

5. Checklist: Ethical Employment Contracts – Good Practice

6. Guidelines: Ethical Recruitment Networks

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