This research has been carried out by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and Humanity Research Consultancy (HRC) in partnership with Winrock International, funded by USAID. It builds on earlier research on Trafficking in Persons survivors’ perspectives on what constitutes and contributes to successful reintegration after trafficking (Kasper and Chiang, 2021). After completing the research, we identified an opportunity to research the challenges of victim identification with largely the same team of researchers. In the time of COVID-19, drawing on the effective foundation of the existing research team proved to be an important asset, since access to stakeholders including victims and frontline workers was already established, and the necessary trust between the researchers and respondents had already been built. We are eternally grateful to our research partners as well as the survivors and frontline workers who spent their time with us to help us understand this important issue.

Barriers and opportunities for more effective identification of victims of human trafficking: Insights from Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Taiwan - USAID (Eric Kasper and Mina Chiang), June 2022 DOWNLOAD














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