Data on the Number of people referred to the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) as potential victims of modern slavery in the UK has increased year-on-year. The number for referrals rose by 36% from 2017 2018 and buy for their 52% in 2019 the second and third quarters of 2019 show to 40% and 61% increase, respectively, from the numbers of referrals in the corresponding periods in 2018. While figures from the first quarter of 2020 show a decrease in the number of NRM referrals for the first time in four years, this has been attributed to the measures and post to limit the spread of Coronavirus. COVID-19 has quickly evolved from a global health crisis into a socio economic crisis which requires human-rights based responses. Data shows that the Socio- economic impacts of clothes and 19 disproportionately affect populations with existing vulnerabilities including those in situations of poverty and insecure employment. In particular, a contracting economy widespread job losses, the risk of over supply of labor, changing demands in the labor market and serious health risks and limitations on movement as a result of the pandemic may lead to higher levels of vulnerability, creating additional risks in the labor market. The pandemic has added a further layer of complexity to the efforts to combat modern slavery labor exploitation and other abuses.














National Hotline 2017 New Jersey State Report
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