The Toolkit is designed to assist any of those in the mining sector who are responsible for designing and implementing strategies related to social and environmental performance at the project level. It provides 10 concise tools for improving social and environmental performance towards respecting and advancing children’s rights in the following areas:
1. Impact assessment
2. Stakeholder engagement
3. Resettlement
4. In-migration
5. Environment
6. Security
7. Health and safety
8. Working conditions
9. Protecting children from sexual violence
10. Social investment

The assessment conducted included children living or working on the street, orphans and child labourers.














Turning Possibilities into Realities: Compensating Victims of Trafficking under Anti-Trafficking Legal Frameworks in Thailand and Cambodia

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“Not a Single Safe Place”: The Ukrainian Refugees at Risk of Violence, Trafficking and Exploitation Findings from Poland and Ukraine
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Russia’s war on Ukraine has rendered an unprecedented scale of forced displacement, primarily of women and children. Since 24th February 2022, it is estimated that seven million have fled Ukraine to neighbouring countries. As of 1 st November 2022...Read More

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