The OSCE Ofce for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) has been active in preventing and combating human trafcking in the OSCE region since 1999. ODIHR address- es human trafcking through an approach that is based on human rights, rule of law, equality and non-discrimination, and is trauma-informed and victim- and survivor-centred. ODIHR has developed extensive expertise and plays a signifcant role in victim protection and the promo- tion of the rights of trafcked people and at-risk groups. This approach recognizes that those trafcked are holders of rights and ensures that responses to human trafcking protect these rights, as refected in tools such as the ODIHR National Referral Mechanisms — Joining Eforts to Protect the Rights of Trafcked Persons: A Practical Handbook — Second Edition (NRM Handbook). Moreover, ODIHR recognizes survivors of human trafcking as key stakeholders within the multidisciplinary approach to combating human trafcking.

Code of Practice for Ensuring the Rights of Victims and Survivors of Human Trafficking - OSCE, 2023 DOWNLOAD














A Policy Framework for Tackling the Economic and Social Impact of the COVID-19 crisis
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In June 2019, the International Labour Organization’s (ILO’s) 187 member States adopted the ILO Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work, calling on the Organization to pursue “with unrelenting vigour its constitutional mandate for social ...Read More

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Global Justice: Using Strategic Litigation to Combat Forced Labour
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Forced labor is a feature, not a bug, in today’s global economic system. Forced labor spans the globe. It involves multinational corporations. It is found in special economic zones—and war zones. And it is in everyone’s backyard. Globally, 27....Read More

Worker Voice-Driven Ethical Recruitment Toolkit
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First released in November 2017, the Issara Worker Voice-Driven Ethical Recruitment Toolkit has been expanded and updated through the years to meet the needs of suppliers and recruitment agencies in South and Southeast Asia. This new October 2022 v...Read More

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The Hershey Company Statement Against Slavery and Human Trafficking
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Hershey is the largest producer of chocolate in North America, a leading snack maker in the U.S., and a global leader in chocolate and non-chocolate confectionery. Hershey operates 14 factories in six countries and employs more than 16,000 people wo...Read More