The OSCE Ofce for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) has been active in preventing and combating human trafcking in the OSCE region since 1999. ODIHR address- es human trafcking through an approach that is based on human rights, rule of law, equality and non-discrimination, and is trauma-informed and victim- and survivor-centred. ODIHR has developed extensive expertise and plays a signifcant role in victim protection and the promo- tion of the rights of trafcked people and at-risk groups. This approach recognizes that those trafcked are holders of rights and ensures that responses to human trafcking protect these rights, as refected in tools such as the ODIHR National Referral Mechanisms — Joining Eforts to Protect the Rights of Trafcked Persons: A Practical Handbook — Second Edition (NRM Handbook). Moreover, ODIHR recognizes survivors of human trafcking as key stakeholders within the multidisciplinary approach to combating human trafcking.

Code of Practice for Ensuring the Rights of Victims and Survivors of Human Trafficking - OSCE, 2023 DOWNLOAD














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