The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB) assessed three sectors in 2022: food and agricultural products (57 companies), ICT manufacturing (43 companies) and automotive manufacturing (29 companies).

The revised CHRB methodology devotes more attention to companies’ actual performance, with an integrated focus on the types of stakeholder engagement undertaken at the various stages of a business’ operations. New topics such as business model, strategy, risks and recruitment fees have also been included. The assessment resulted in five key findings (KFs).

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COVID -19 Pandemic Trafficking in Persons considerations in internal displacement contexts
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2022 Tech Against Trafficking Accelerator Showcase
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When: May 10, 2022 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Since 2019, Tech Against Trafficking has helped advance and scale the work of anti-trafficking organizations with promising technology solutions through its flagship Accelerator Program. To celebrate the close of our second Accelerator, we are hosting a 2-hour virtual event where...

Best practice guidance on ethical recruitment of migrant workers: Executive summary

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A media analysis of changes in international human trafficking routes from Nepal
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