COVID-19 represents a large and sudden exogenous shock to the world. The pandemic itself and the measures being undertaken to slow its pace and effect have short, medium, and long-term impacts on the problem of modern slavery. We have formulated research approaches to understanding and responding to the effects of the pandemic on some of the world’s most vulnerable people. This publication represents an early-stage research agenda for anti-slavery responses to COVID-19, and a call for a coordinated, systematic, and inter-disciplinary research effort.

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Modern Slavery and COVID-19: Are we really all in the same (life)boat?
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The impact of COVID-19 on victims of modern slavery and vulnerable workers is dire. The COVID-19 pandemic is far from an all-in-the-same-boat situation. Its impact on the poor is and will continue to be, far greater than on the rich. Modern slavery ...Read More

Business and Human Rights Navigating the legal landscape

Rapid change in the legal landscape for business with regards to human rights has profound implications for how businesses across the globe approach human rights issues. Multinational companies are having to navigate increasingly complex human right...Read More

Exploiting Isolation: Offenders and Victims of Online Child Sexual Abuse During the COVID-19 Pandemic
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The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in a surge in online distribution of child sexual abuse material (CSAM), which was already at high levels prior to the pandemic. The harm resulting from being a victim of this crime is severe, and every time a pictu...Read More

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Addressing Modern Slavery Worker Vulnerability During COVID-19
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The COVID-19 outbreak has been affecting Asia since January 2020. It is now a global pandemic, with over 4.5 million cases detected in 168 countries and over 300,000 deaths globally as of 15 May 2020. Much of the world has implemented severe quarant...Read More