Trafficking occurs before, during, and after crises. It may occur at any stage of displacement and in any location. Traffickers capitalize on the widespread human, material, social and economic losses and consequent vulnerabilities caused by emergencies. A number of factors cause people in such circumstances to be even more vulnerable to trafficking including the hampered ability of governments, families and communities to provide for their basic needs; limited options to seek domestic or international protection safely and regularly; negative coping mechanisms adopted by those affected by the crisis; erosion of the rule of law; and the breakdown of social safety nets and other social protection systems. These factors may be compounded by weak legal frameworks, inadequate law enforcement capacity, poor border control, and gender discrimination, leading to
human rights violations.

COVID-19 Pandemic Trafficking in Persons considerations in internal displacement contexts - Global Protection Cluster, 2020 DOWNLOAD














Worker-Reported Views on COVID-19 Vaccines

The Royal Thai Government’s Social Security Office (SSO) has closely coordinated with employers throughout Thailand to survey and register sites and workers for COVID-19 vaccines. There are plans to offer AstraZeneca or Sinovac vaccines to migrant...Read More

The effects of the COV-19 pandemic on trafficking in persons and responses to the challenges_UNODC, 2021
COVID-19 resourcesPublications

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected countries and people globally; it has also exacerbated existing disadvantages, poverty and vulnerabilities. The initial measures to contain the health crisis have not always considered those most vulnerable and aff...Read More

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The Future of Work

Too many conversations about the future of work ask how corporations and highly educated elites can take advantage of new economic opportunities. But we shouldn't just be talking about who gets to design the next generation of robots. We should als...Read More

Disrupting Harm in Cambodia: Evidence on Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Funded by the Global Partnership to End Violence against Children, through its Safe Online initiative, ECPAT, INTERPOL, and UNICEF Office of Research – Innocenti worked in partnership to design and implement Disrupting Harm – a research project ...Read More

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