The Freedom Business Code of Excellence defines the business practices that sustain holistic freedom and distinguish the work of Freedom Business. It contains six Commitments upheld by Freedom Businesses, defines common terms used within our industry, and provides a framework for implementation. It was developed with full participation from Members of Freedom Business Alliance and released in January 2022

The work of Freedom Business is considered by many of our Members to be more than just a business, but a calling. While most businesses seek to hire the best and brightest, Freedom Businesses seek first to create employment opportunities for those who are most often unskilled and have experienced trauma, upholding a commitment to the vulnerable in society and a belief in the inherent high worth of every human being.

Therefore our Members work to create workplaces that are safe and trauma-informed. And while safe employment is a vital component of freedom, they believe true freedom requires more. It requires a belief
in one’s own worth that grows with professional, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development, most effectively achieved in a community that offers love, hope, and healing. This is why our Members go further than simply offering a job, but endeavor to create this type of supportive and formative community within their places of work.

Thus, they uphold the belief that business, when intentional, can serve as an optimal vehicle for healing and transformation. These intentions require incredible sacrifice and investment. The Code of Excellence describes the high standards and commitments undertaken in pursuit of this calling.

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