The European Union is currently negotiating a draft Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence (CS3D). By mid-2023, the three law-making institutions – the Council of the EU, the Parliament, and the European Commission – are expected to begin negotiations on a final law that will determine the scope and nature of sustainability due diligence requirements for companies operating in the single market. The draft Directive, as originally proposed by the Commission, aims to ensure that companies active in the single European market contribute to sustainable development and the wider sustainability transition of economies and societies by preventing and addressing negative human rights and environmental impacts. This important and ambitious goal requires a carefully crafted ‘corporate sustainability due diligence’ duty and appropriate administrative supervision and civil liability accountability measures to support it.
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Modern Slavery Response and Remedy Framework
GuidanceStandards & Codes of Conduct

This Modern Slavery Response & Remedy Framework (the Framework) has been designed in collaboration with Minderoo Foundation’s Walk Free initiative and the Human Rights Resources and Energy Collaborative (HRREC). HRREC is a group of Australian ...Read More

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Loi 2017-399 du 27 mars 2017 relative au devoir de vigilance des sociétés mères et des entreprises donneuses d’ordre

French Law on the Corporate Duty of Vigilance According to the law, all companies headquartered in France and employing more than 5,000 employees in France, or headquartered in France or abroad and employing more than 10,000 employees worldwide, mus...Read More

Modern Slavery: Commitments by the UK Government

An overview of the commitments made by the Government in relation to Part 5 (Modern Slavery) of the Nationality and Borders Act 2022. On 28th April 2022, the Nationality and Borders Act (the ‘Act’) passed into law. During the Bill’s passage th...Read More

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Policy Brief Climate, Crime and Exploitation

At least 3 billion people live in contexts highly exposed to the impacts of climate change19 and yet more to non-climatic environmental degradation and disaster. Even if the world meets the currently improbable target of limiting global warming...Read More