Global Kids Online is an international research project that aims to generate and sustain a rigorous cross-national evidence base around children’s use of the internet by creating a global network of researchers and experts.

The library offers both qualitative and quantitative tools.

The qualitative toolkit comprises the research instruments that will help you design, carry out, and analyse the qualitative research on children’s online risks and opportunities. These are designed in a way that allows covering the key topics identified by Global Kids Online, as well as remaining flexible and following up on issues that children raise.

The quantitative toolkit comprises the research instruments that will help you to design and carry out the quantitative survey research on children’s online risks and opportunities. It also includes the materials needed for analysing the data and expert guidance on key issues to consider during the research process.

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CSR Risk Check for Companies
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The Dutch government expects internationally operating companies to implement corporate social responsibility (CSR). The basic principles in this context are the OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises. This involves you assessing which CSR ...Read More

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Covid-19 Tracker: Which Brands are Acting Responsibly Toward Suppliers and Workers?
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This tracker and the underlying analysis are provided by the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) in association with the Center for Global Workers’ Rights (CGWR) at Pennsylvania State University. This online tracker analyses the response made by di...Read More

Freedom! App
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The "FREEDOM!" app is a globally available human trafficking mobile application that empowers individual victims and communities to anonymously and safely report cases of human/child sex trafficking in 10 languages at three main levels: victims, tr...Read More

Griffeye Brain CSA Classifier
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Griffeye Brain CSA Classifier is a forensics tool aims to detect and rescue children pictured in child sexual exploitation material. The filtering techniques can detect skin tones — even in low light or poor-quality video — then map connect...Read More