In September 2022, HRC published a briefing addressing the emerging organised crime of victims systematically trafficked to scamming compounds in Southeast Asia. The briefing led to many inquiries from journalists and a subsequent growth in media coverage to raise awareness. We are pleased to see that increased international attention places pressure on governments to take action to address the crime, notably the Taiwanese government, the Cambodian government, and more.

Since September 2022, whilst HRC has continued supporting victims and survivors together with our partners, we have prioritised influencing key stakeholders for systemic change. This briefing shares our latest analysis and suggestions on addressing this form of modern slavery. A stronger global focus on this issue is needed to lead to more crucial actions from the UN bodies, national governments, non-governmental organisations, and human rights activists.

Guidance on responding to victims in forced scam labour - Humanity Research Consultancy, 2023 DOWNLOAD














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