This document aims to explain and provide details about the trafficking situation in Vietnam and provide insight into the general profile of traffickers and the crime of human trafficking. While the data source is limited, it provides some insight and can be useful for informing counter-trafficking work. Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation has been involved in the investigation and prosecution of 59 human trafficking cases in 26 provinces (109 victims, 126 traffickers). In addition, the Supreme People’s Court of Vietnam has published 53 cases in which offenders were charged with human trafficking or trafficking of a person under 16 in accordance with Vietnamese law.1 These cases involved 90 victims and 110 traffickers. However, ten of these cases are ones in which Blue Dragon was involved, thus the analysis below includes data from 102 cases; 43 cases in which Blue Dragon lawyers were not involved in 18 provinces, and 59 cases involving Blue Dragon lawyers in 26 provinces. In this report, the 102 cases include a total of 199 victims and 236 traffickers. The documents from these court cases provide a rich source of detailed information about the traffickers and, to a lesser extent, the victims.

Human trafficking & traffickers in Vietnam- An analysis of the nature of trafficking and the profile of traffickers in Vietnam based on information from court cases, 2021 DOWNLOAD














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