Research suggests connections exist between migration and criminal forms of exploitation such as human trafficking, forced labour and modern slavery. Certainly, constellations of risk are seen in certain migrant communities and migration corridors. However, it is not known how many of the world’s estimated 40 million victims of modern slavery are also migrants.

If we are to understand the relationship between migration and modern slavery, it is important that we know more about which migrants are vulnerable to modern slavery, as well as when and in what enabling circumstances.

Recognizing the importance of addressing modern slavery and specific vulnerabilities of migrants to modern slavery, this report has been prepared for the Alliance 8.7 Action Group on Migration to help to inform the activities of the group aimed at achieving SDG 8.7. The report examines the recent research literature on migration and modern slavery (published between 2014-2018) through a crime prevention lens, to identify a set of salient features that will help us better understand the relevant connections between migration and vulnerability to trafficking, forced labour, child labour, and modern slavery.

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