Russia’s war on Ukraine has rendered an unprecedented scale of forced displacement, primarily of women and children. Since 24th February 2022, it is estimated that seven million have fled Ukraine to neighbouring countries. As of 1 st November 2022, 7,274,050 border crossings were recorded from Ukraine to Poland, and 1,469,032 Ukrainians applied for the national protection scheme. As of October 2022, there were 6.5 million internally displaced people in Ukraine. An urgent and comprehensive protection response is needed from Poland and Ukraine to accommodate the specific needs of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) as they settle into new contexts. The SEREDA CEE Project examined the risks, experiences and awareness of SGBV and trafficking in Poland and Ukraine to help develop adequate policy and safeguarding measures. Data was gathered from 14 interviews with national and local service providers in Poland and 32 interviews with refugee and IDPs in Poland and Ukraine.

“Not a Single Safe Place”: The Ukrainian Refugees at Risk of Violence, Trafficking and Exploitation Findings from Poland and Ukraine - University of Birmingham, 2022 DOWNLOAD














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