This paper has been produced in an effort to move beyond an oversimplified view of the problem and propose a comprehensive and multi-pronged, preventive strategy aimed at disabling predators and deflating demand. More specifically, the document is intended to support the Special Rapporteur on the sale of children, child prostitution, and child pornography in the preparation of the yearly thematic report planned to focus in 2016, on the demand for sexual exploitation of children. In order to meet this goal, the objectives of this contribution are to:
§ Undertake a comprehensive literature review, compile information and conduct analysis of the demand for sexual exploitation of children;
§ Distil key learning from successes and gaps in existing legislation, policy, research and programme responses;
§ Identify recommendations to fill critical gaps and propose a new comprehensive prevention framework, including a theory of change model, to address demand.

Power, Impunity and Anonymity - Understanding the Forces Driving the Demand for Sexual Exploitation of Children, ECPAT International, Bangkok - ECPAT International, 2016 DOWNLOAD














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