These quality standards are a practical tool for the staff managing these reporting websites or wishing to create one. They cover several aspects, in particular:

  • The checking of the background and the references of employees
  • The processing of reports within 48 hours
  • The regular updating of the information on the website and clear instructions on the reporting procedure
  • The communication of an annual report listing the different reports and how they have been followed-up

The report is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and Russian.

Стандарты качества низкопороговых механизмов сообщения о случаях подозрения о сексуальной эксплуатации детей - ECPAT Austria, 2020 DOWNLOAD
KWALITEITSSTANDAARDEN voor laagdrempelige meldpunten gericht op het melden van vermoedens van seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen - ECPAT Austria, 2020 DOWNLOAD
Qualitätsstandards für niederschwellige Meldemechanismen zur Meldung von Verdachtsfällen von sexueller Ausbeutung von Kindern - ECPAT Austria, 2020 DOWNLOAD
Normes de qualité pour les mécanismes de signalement facilement accessibles aux cas suspects d’exploitation sexuelle des enfants - ECPAT Austria, 2020 DOWNLOAD
Estándares de Calidad en los mecanismos de denuncia de fácil acceso para la denuncia de casos sospechosos de explotación sexual de niños, niñas y adolescentes - ECPAT Austria, 2020 DOWNLOAD
Quality Standards for Reporting Lines for Child Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism - ECPAT Austria, 2020 DOWNLOAD














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