Civil society organizations across the seven states of the Horn of Africa welcome this mapping of regional routes, the relevant trends collaboration among groups in the region, and the enhanced cooperation around fighting human trafficking. Victims of human trafficking are subjected to all manner of human rights violations and sexual and labour exploitation including child marriage and severe human rights violations. The consequences are devastating for victims and communities, and the impact is felt on services across borders and nations. This Regional Routes Mapping among the CSOs is therefore a valuable asset as it is beneficial to the production of collective data through the facilitation of cooperation efforts, and helps in establishing trust in each other by, for instance, providing opportunities to share information that, over time, is accurate and useful. It is also a particularly good way to identify common ground and establish guidelines around timely data regarding victims of human trafficking and vulnerable migrants. This will also contribute to facilitating networking, capacity building and workshops for continued strengthening of relationships among CSOs nationally and regionally.

Regional mapping of trafficking and vulnerable migrants’ routes: Collective CSO data on migration routes in the east and Horn of Africa - Freedom Collaborative June 2022 DOWNLOAD














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