The workers of the world face numerous challenges. Many debates around the future of labour, such as the rise of the so called ‘gig economy’, tend to focus on experiences and trends within the Global North. The shortcomings of the present are often contrasted to a nostalgic view of the past, with an idealised ‘golden era’ defined by ‘standard employment contracts’ serving as the primary benchmark against which practices today are measured. Once work is defined in these terms, the primary focus becomes the ‘restoration’ of labour rights and protections that have been lost or eroded. The re-invention of a vibrant global labour movement will not occur through a vain attempt to put the clock back to a mythical ‘standard employment contract’. It is only through organising – recruiting, educating and mobilising – new members that labour can reinvent itself as a social movement.

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Applying Gender-Sensitive Approaches in Combating Trafficking in Human Beings

By ratifying the international instruments related to combating trafficking in human beings (THB) and adopting the OSCE commitments regarding the same, all of the OSCE’s 57 participating States have committed themselves to implementing gender-sens...Read More

Detailed Trafficking Indicators List

Victims of trafficking in humans can be found in a variety of situations. You can play a role in identifying such victims. This tool lists detailed indicators by type of exploitation, and with a focus on child trafficking. ...Read More

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Pirates and Slaves: How Overfishing in Thailand Fuels Human Trafficking and the Plundering of Our Oceans

This report calls for overfishing, pirate fishing and modern-day slavery in the Thai fishing industry to be addressed as interconnected issues. It examines the complex and multi-faceted problems in Thailand’s fisheries sector and offers recommenda...Read More

Actions speak louder: Assessing bank responses to human rights violations

The UN’s new “Roadmap for the Next Decade” of Busi- ness and Human Rights, published in November 2021, begins by setting out the need to raise the ambition and increase the pace of implementing respect for human rights. The road...Read More