This research study addresses legal issues around child online protection and the herewith related risk of becoming a victim of online sexual exploitation, in particular child pornography or online grooming. 

It serves as a supplementary guideline for lawmakers in Namibia and the world and guide legislative reform on child pornography and grooming offences online.

Regulation of Child Online Sexual Abuse: Legal Analysis of International Laws & Comparative Legal Analysis DOWNLOAD














The Best Interest of the Child in the Philippines: Lessons from Supreme Court Decisions and Their Potential Application in Online Sexual Exploitation of Children Cases

In the Philippines, upholding the best interest of the child is a legal obligation which follows from national and international laws. Examining Supreme Court decisions on the best interest of the child shows that it is primarily applied in custody-...Read More

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Pandemic profiteering how criminals exploit the COVID-19 crisis
COVID-19 resourcesPublications

The report provides an overview of how criminals adapt their misdeeds to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is based on information Europol receives from the EU Member States on a 24/7 basis and intends to support Member States’ law enforcement authorities...Read More

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Supporting Bright Futures – Young Women and Girls and Labour Migration in South-East Asia and the Pacific

At first glance, this research publication may seem niche, perhaps relevant only to “fringe” aspects of international migration. Historically, we know from decades of studies, data collection and analysis that there has been a strong bias toward...Read More

Compendium of relevant reference materials and resources on ethical sourcing and prevention of trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation in supply chains

The objective of the Compendium of Resources is to take stock of the existing legislation, policies, guidelines, recommendations, reports, studies, and other types of initiatives developed to better understand and respond to the global problem of tra...Read More