As Vietnam’s tourism industry expands, the Australian Human Rights Commission and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry have partnered to produce guidance for companies operating in the tourism industry in Vietnam. The guidance aims to strengthen business capability and equip future business leaders to promote responsible business conduct and respect for human rights in Vietnam.

Tourism plays an important role in Vietnam’s economy by creating jobs, infrastructure, and market opportunities. It can also assist in fostering greater mutual understanding across cultures, regions and nations. However, the tourism sector can also create significant challenges for the promotion, protection and realisation of human rights. A range of human rights risks exist for workers, local communities and tourists interacting with the tourism industry. This guidance seeks to support business to navigate these challenges in a responsible and sustainable manner by assisting them to understand the key human rights challenges in the tourism industry and how to respond appropriately.

Responsible Business Conduct and the Tourism Industry in Vietnam: Guidance for Companies - Australian Human Rights Commission, 2022 DOWNLOAD














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