In recent years, labour practices in the palm oil sector in Southeast Asia have drawn significant attention from both media and civil society actors. In June 2018, Nestlé began a partnership with Verité on a multiyear program to improve working conditions across its palm oil supply chains globally, with a focus on both Malaysia and Indonesia. The objectives of this ongoing program are to: understand and assess the nature and dynamics of actual and potential human rights impacts, and in particular those related to labour practices, in Nestlé’s upstream supply chain; strengthen Nestlé’s supplier management program for its upstream supply chain, in alignment with the Nestlé Responsible Sourcing Standard (RSS); and build the capacity of Nestlé and its palm oil suppliers to identify, diagnose and remediate labour issues.

Review of the Nestlé Palm Oil Upstream Supply Chain Management Program in Malaysia and Indonesia - Verité, 2021 DOWNLOAD














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