In 2022 Porticus launched a pilot learning year to support the development of a new global programme, Transforming migration parameters through movement building and lived-experience leadership’ (hereafter MOVE) within the People on the Move Portfolio. The pilot was intended to directly shape the base strategy for the new programme, recognising that funding for movement building and lived-experience leadership by and for people on the move represents a different way of working for Porticus and requires new knowledge and approaches.

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The COVID-19 Pandemic Could Increase Child Labour in Latin America and the Caribbean
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Currently the world is going through an unprecedented health, social, human and economic crisis due to the pandemic caused by the disease COVID-19, catalogued even as the greatest economic and social challenge facing humanity since the Great Depress...Read More

Recruitment fees and related costs: What migrant workers from Cambodia, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, and Myanmar pay to work in Thailand

Thailand has a long history of labour migration, initially as a country of origin, and more recently as a destination country. Today, Thailand is host to the largest number of migrant workers of all ASEAN member states, with approximately 2.8 millio...Read More

Opportunity Knocks: improving responses to labour exploitation with secure reporting

The research examines the practices and policies of labour inspectorates and the Metropolitan Police and their relationship with the Home Office’s Immigration Enforcement team. Findings are based on these agencies engagement with immigration enfor...Read More

National Referral Mechanism on Identifying and Working with Potential Victims of Child Trafficking

Since its establishment in 2007, the Working Group on Child Trafficking as a sub-group of the Task Force on Combating Human Trafficking has been working to gather background information on the phenomenon of child trafficking in Austria through the e...Read More