This strategy sets out the Government’s ambition to prevent, tackle and respond to all forms of child sexual abuse. It focuses on three key objectives which overlap and reinforce one another, recognising the complex, interconnected nature of this crime and the whole-system response it requires. The objectives outlined are not set out in order of prioritisation. All three are inextricably linked and we will drive all three forward with the same focus to protect children, tackle offending and support all victims and survivors.

We will hold ourselves to account and learn from data and insight gathered across the system to demonstrably show that we are:

  • Drawing these hidden crimes out of the shadows by identifying more abuse and safeguarding more children through police recorded crime, children’s social care data and independent inspectorate reports.
  • Bringing more offenders to justice and increasing effective trials for child sexual abuse, based on data from across the criminal justice system.
  • Improving the quality and availability of support for victims and survivors, drawing on insight from delivery and third sector partners; and,
  • Preventing these terrible crimes from happening in the first place based on law enforcement threat assessments and survey data from the Office of National Statistics.
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