This report documents how child tobacco workers are exposed to nicotine, handle toxic chemicals, use sharp tools, lift heavy loads, and work in extreme heat. Their work could have lasting consequences for their health and development. It also discusses the responsibilities of the government as well as tobacco companies in preventing human rights abuses in the tobacco industry.

“The Harvest is in My Blood”: Hazardous Child Labor in Tobacco Farming in Indonesia - Human Rights Watch, 2016 DOWNLOAD
“Panen dengan Darah Kami”: Bahaya Pekerja Anak dalam Perkebunan Tembakau di Indonesia - Human Rights Watch, 2016 DOWNLOAD














Beyond Awareness: Learning from Local Experiences to Move Forward in Fighting Human Trafficking, A Regional Study on Local Perceptions of Human Trafficking In South And Southeast Asia

This report presents findings from a multiple case study of how human trafficking is perceived and experienced in seven local communities in five countries in South and South-East Asia. The aim of the report is to explore and understand local ex...Read More

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National Hotline 2017 North Dakota State Report
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The data in this report represents signals and cases from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017 and is accurate as of July 11, 2018. Cases of trafficking may be ongoing or new information may be revealed to the National Hotline over time. Conseq...Read More

Mapping of services existing in the Republic of Moldova for displaced people from Ukraine. Identification of risks of exploitation and human trafficking

The war in Ukraine has caused a high level of forced displacement of the civil population in Europe, with a significant impact on neighboring countries in particular. Since February 24, 2022, until now, the Republic of Moldova (RM) borders have been...Read More

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The Butterfly Longitudinal Research Project

The objectives, of the study, have been significantly achieved; a) To provide an opportunity for survivors of sexual exploitation/trafficking to express their re-integration experiences in order to give dignity and voice to this marginalized grou...Read More

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