The paramount objective of the Perth Forum is to harness the power of both government and business to end modern slavery. Addressing the issues of modern slavery is complex, involving a range of stakeholders, across a diverse and dynamic region.
As a framework for the Perth Forum, seven key principles were developed by the Business Co-Chairs and Business Leaders.
Outcomes, initiatives and projects must:

  1. Provide a combination of regional and national solutions.
  2. Be business-led, and utilise both business and government resources
    to implement.
  3. Contribute and drive forward innovative and effective solutions.
  4. Be scalable solutions across the breadth of business sectors.
  5. Provide options to reflect different capacities and contexts of businesses and governments.
  6. Collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders to identify and leverage
    existing relevant work.
  7. (Above all) positively impact the eradication of slavery, prevent
    exploitation and protect victims.

child labour

The Perth Forum - Work Plan for 2017/2018 - Bali Process, 2017 DOWNLOAD














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