The aim of the publication is to provide a summary of the risk assessment for the safety of victims of trafficking and for the safety of service providers. In other words, the aim is to shed light on ways to prevent compromising of the safety of trafficking victims and the victims’ assistance providers, as well as to identify oversights in the implementation of current legislation and practice. The main driving force for producing this paper has been a long-standing non-recognition of the issue of safety of trafficking victims, as well as of aid providers.

This initial research should be a basic guideline for deeper and more detailed research on the safety of persons employed as trafficking victims’ aids, and the safety of victims themselves.

The significance of this publication is that it provides a summary of the safety of the most relevant stakeholders in the Republic of Serbia, i.e. a summary of recommendations that could contribute to improving the safety of victims and service providers. The publication is primarily intended for state bodies and civil society organisations that provide assistance to victims, but also to all those who need analysis or research based on reliable and relevant data.

The Safety of Trafficking Victims and Service Providers and the Risk Assessment - ASTRA - March, 2021 DOWNLOAD














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