On behalf of all the Chiefs, I’d like to express our gratitude for the enormous impact and growth that Tony’s Chocolonely has accomplished this year – despite the strange times we’re living through. We’ve remained actively concerned for the health and well-being of Team Tony’s. Of family and loved ones. Of our farmer partners, Choco Fans, clients and suppliers. Within Tony’s, everyone worked from home this year.. and here’s to hoping that we’re through the worst of it. But we know it’s too soon to make that call yet.

It feels good to put everything into a company that strives to make
the world a better place, and which – as far as I see it – actually puts its money where its mouth is. We’re an impact company that makes chocolate, and not the other way around. Our vision is clear: 100% slave-free chocolate. And not just our chocolate, but all the chocolate produced around the world. Only together can we make this the norm. And chocolate is a gift! One you give yourself, or to others. But one fact that is too often ignored is that these gifts impact the lives of cocoa farmers and their families. It’s absurd that there are people forced to live in poverty as a result of an unfair value chain, when
this reality could be altogether avoided.

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