The primary objective of the study is to provide a broadbased overview of the private sector in Vietnam as a stakeholder in combating modern slavery in the country.

The following secondary objectives specify the details of the data that need to be gathered in order to fulfill the scope of the study:

  • Give an overview of the demographic landscape and economic conditions in Vietnam
  • Detail the characteristics of the labour force Vietnam by looking at factors such as size, average income, distribution, key issues
  • Provide a detailed analysis of the private sector in terms of size of industries, number of workers and key players
  • Provide in-depth reports on the Banking/finance, Manufacturing, Construction, Agriculture and Retail and hospitality industries
  • Identify the current state of modern slavery in Vietnam

This report is part of the Mekong Club‘s Asia Private Sector Assessment Reports.

Vietnam Private Sector Assessment - A Preliminary Scoping Study - The Mekong Club, 2018 DOWNLOAD














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