Within the Make It Work for Youth – MyWay project, implemented by NGO ASTRA – Anti Trafficking Action with support of the European Union (EIDHR program), 20 students were selected and trained to collect data, that is, to conduct a research and analyze attitudes and needs of young people in the area of employment and labor in Serbia. At the training, the students learned basic terms with regard to labor exploitation and discussed and exchanged different examples from practice. One of the main characteristics of this project is the fact that the research was conducted by persons who belong to the target group, that is, youth. The aim of the research was to examine knowledge and attitudes of young people about labor exploitation. The findings will be presented to the representatives of relevant institutions. Based on the findings, the students will also participate in developing a media campaign and a portal for workers later in the project.

Views and Needs of Young People in Serbia with Regard to Risks and Protection from Labor Exploitation - ASTRA, 2018 DOWNLOAD














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