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News & Analysis

  • Children hidden in plain sight: A report on the state of child labour in the fishing industry of Lake Volta (Ghana) read more

  • Work behind bars: Analysis of prison labor in the United States based on international labor standards read more

  • Inside job: How business lobbyists used the Commission’s scrutiny procedures to weaken human rights and environmental legislation read more

  • An IOM perspective on human trafficking in Niger: Profiles, patterns, progress read more

  • No limits to exploitation: Migrant labourers in the supply chains of German supermarkets read more

  • Built on repression: PVC building materials’ reliance on labor and environmental abuses in the Uyghur region read more

  • A media analysis of changes in international human trafficking routes from Nepal read more

  • Human trafficking in the Afghan context: Caught between a rock and a hard place? read more

  • Letting exploitation off the hook? Evidencing labour abuses in UK fishing read more

  • Illicit trade and modern slavery read more